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Charity visit to Penang Handicapped Association

Date : 04 November 2017

Venue :  Penang Handicapped Welfare Association

In conjunction with the National Sports Day, the Sports and Recreation Society (SARS) of TAR UC Penang Branch Campus organized a Charity Trip to Penang Handicapped Welfare Association. At 10.00 am, 21 members boarded the bus to go to Penang Handicapped Welfare Association to extend a dose of tender loving care to the less fortunate as an act of civic responsibility.

TAR UC students were warmly welcomed by the Association’s representatives and the students volunteered to perform some needful activities. One of them was to clean the Association’s building. It was indeed a touching sight to see students helping to feed the hapless residents while others interacted freely among residents as a sign of friendship. Apart from that, the Sports and Recreation Society  also donated the funds raised during the National Sports Day Food Fair & Carnival to the Penang Handicapped Welfare Association.