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Community Sociology Launching Ceremony 2017

Date : 05 Octocber 2017

Venue: Main Foyer, Penang Branch Campus

The Community Sociology Advisory Group (CS Advisory Group) of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Penang Branch Campus, successfully launched the 21st Community Sociology Programme 2017. The launching ceremony was held on 5th October 2017 at the Main Foyer of the Penang Branch Campus which saw the sending off of 108 Community Sociology members to three rural schools: SJK(C) Tong Wah (Perak), SJK(C) Phui Choi, Kamunting (Perak) and SJK(C) Yok Eng, Sungai Udang (Penang).

The objectives of the Community Sociology Programme are as follow:

1 - To increase the awareness of the importance of education and to cultivate reading habit among students at rural areas

2 - To promote a holistic and caring society

3 - To encourage civic responsibilities among undergraduates

4 - To impact rural folks on the importance of educatione run within the stipulated time.