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A Visit by Guangzhou City Construction College, China

Date : 6 August 2018

Venue : TAR UC Penang Branch Campus

A group of 30 teachers from Guangzhou City Construction College, accompanied by three staff from the KL main campus, visited the Penang Branch Campus on 6 August 2018.

The teachers were on a two-week Course Mapping and Customized Training at the KL main campus and visited the Penang Branch Campus as part of a cultural and heritage educational tour.

Upon arrival, they were given a warm welcome by Dr. Lee Pey Huey, Deputy Head of Penang Branch Campus. This was followed by an introduction to the campus and Penang history and culture by Ms. Lee Xiang June. The teachers also participated in activities organized for them such as henna painting, pandan leaf weaving and Malay traditional games. They then went on a campus tour led by staff and student leaders and returned to a delicious buffet lunch specially catered for them.

Based on their feedback, they were impressed by the clean and green campus as well as the friendly staff and students who made them feel welcome. Needless to say, they also enjoyed the delicious food and the interesting activities planned for them.

Before the group departed, they had a group photograph with the staff of the Penang Branch Campus to bring back happy memories of the visit.    

Happy memories to take home to China

Henna painting

Pandan leaf weaving

A Malay traditional game