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Date : 23 November 2018

Venue : Dewan Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew  (Campus Auditorium)

After months of extensive effort by the project advisors and committee members, the grand annual occasion, TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018 with the theme of UNDER ONE ROOF, ONE NATION ended successfully on 23 November 2018. The final presentation was carried out in the central auditorium of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Penang Branch Campus witnessed by external judges, sponsors, lecturers, students as well as all the participants of the business game.

The main objective of the game is to provide an opportunity for students to incorporate the theoretical knowledge learned from their courses and textbooks into the game. Besides, the game also aims to nurture entrepreneurial spirit, develop students’ soft skills, cultivate team spirit and creativity as well as enhance students’ cultural intelligence / quotient (CQ) in business. The game also successfully raised the awareness on the importance of corporate social responsibility as all participants had donated part of their profits to people in need of financial support.

This year, we were honoured to invite five experienced external and internal judges namely Ms. Geh Pei Yee from ACCA, Dr. Lee Pey Huey (TAR UC Penang Branch Deputy Head), Mr. Amit Minocha from Intel, Ms. Ooi Su Yin from Dell as well as Mr. Muhammad Fairoz from Deloitte to judge the performance of participants. In addition, the representatives from Intel and Dell generously shared about their extensive experiences in the industry. Participants and audience learnt and deepened their knowledge about the real business world from the comments and suggestions given by the judges and company representatives.

After conducting the last business trading day on 13 November 2018, the three groups of finalists finally showcased their talents and expanded on the effort devoted to the businesses they created since June 2018. The three finalists had shown professional and outstanding performances in presenting their business on a big stage so as to strive for the prestigious champion title and prizes. After going through rounds of challenging business trading days and presentations, 8mber Sdn Bhd stood out among the finalists and successfully secured the championship. BILA and Anonymous obtained the first and second runners-up respectively while Hoe Chee Heng, the CEO of 8mber Sdn Bhd was awarded the best presenter.

Photo 1: The judges visiting the booths that displayed the products of the finalists

Photo 2: Participants presenting their business

Photo 3: Members of Anonymous, 2nd runner-up of TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018

Photo 4: Members of BILA, 1st runner-up of TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018

Photo 5: Members of 8mber Sdn Bhd, champion of TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018

Photo 6: Hoe Chee Heng, best presenter of TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018

Photo 7: Group photo of final presentation of TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018

Photo 8: Group photo of VIPs, champion team and committee members of              TAR UC-ACCA Business Game 2018