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International Business Talk

Title: The Perspectives and Cultural Experiences of Working in China

Date: 19 July 2018

Venue: DKA, TAR UC Penang Branch Campus

On 19 July 2018, the Marketing & Management Society of TAR UC Penang Branch Campus organised a talk with the title ‘The Perspectives and Cultural Experiences of Working in China’. The speaker was Ms. Janice Lee who used to be the International Trade Manager and subsequently the Assistant General Manager of Maanshan Dingtai Rare Earth and New Materials Company in China. Ms. Janice has worked in China for 8 years.

The talk covered aspects of what it is like for a Malaysian to work in China, community mores and sensitivities to the local culture. The speaker also explained about the importance of relationships in doing business, how power distance and face-saving affect work, and how certain Chinese words used in Malaysia differ in meaning from those used in mainland China. Ms. Janice also highlighted the importance of being positive when facing challenges, to be willing to learn and to have a good sense of humour when dealing with the locals.

Students were able to gain knowledge and have a clearer picture of what life is like when working in a foreign country.

Students seated and ready for the session

Ms. Janice shared her thoughts about Chinese culture

A small token of appreciation for Ms. Janice

Group photo of the students, Ms. Janice and society advisor