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Korean Night 2018

Date : 26 July 2018

Venue : TAR UC Penang Branch Campus

Christian Fellowship organised a Korean-themed event on 26 July of 2018 at DK G from 5.00 to 6.30 pm. The purpose of organising the event was to foster unity among students of different backgrounds and cultures, and to share the love of God and Jesus Christ. Members of TAR UC Christian Fellowship and approximately 13 students of various disciplines from University of Silla, South Korea, jointly promoted the event by giving out snacks while dressed in traditional Korean costumes at the main foyer.

On the night of the event, about 120 TAR UC students turned up. We had an enjoyable time doing many fun activities such as ice breaking, singing performances, short sketches and games. Furthermore, the Korean guests shared with us their culture, tradition, life in South Korea and the true meaning of the gospel.

Lastly, we are very grateful to God, all participants and TAR UC staff for their strong support and assistance in making this event a success.

In His service,

(Oh Xuan Er)

Secretary, Christian Fellowship TAR UC