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Annual Faculty Games 2019

Date: 10 to 22 June 2019

Time : 6 pm to 10 pm

Venue : TAR UC Penang

The Sports & Recreation Society (SARS) recently organized “Faculty Games” which is held annually from 10-22 June 2019. This event was participated by  almost 600 students in the Penang Branch Campus.

SARS is pleased to have successfully provided a platform for the participants to upgrade their skills in the games. The objective of the event is to encourage students to participate actively in sports activities in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The aim of this event is to increase the awareness among students on the importance of sports and to emphasize the fact that academic excellence should not be achieved at the expense of health and happiness.

There were a total of 9 types of sports competed in the “Faculty Games 2019” which included Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Netball, Volleyball, Futsal, Basketball, Dodgeball and Chess. Unfortunately, there was no swimming event this year due to the lack of participants. A total of 16 teams for male category and 6 female teams participated in this event. The favorite sport among the students in TARUC Penang Branch Campus appeared to be basketball, based on the number of teams and participants.

This event successfully showcased the commitment, leadership, teamwork, determination, confidence and self-belief of the players to become the winners in their respective sports. The prize giving ceremony, was held on 25 June 2019 in DK G. It was a great pleasure to have Assoc. Prof. Dr Toh Guat Guan as our Chief Guest to give out the medals to the winners. The winners in each sport will represent TARUC’s Team and we hope to receive good results from our TARUC team in future events. In short, Faculty Games 2019 was a great success all around. It was a very good encouragement for the students to participate actively in sport activities. Like the saying goes:“Neither overwhelmed by victory, nor discouraged by defeat”, we are optimistic about holding this event again in the year 2020. Thank you and hope to see you all again!

The players competed intensely with each other during the game. Player no.10 is seen in the picture above trying to score the basket.

Some of our badminton players performing the jumping smash during the competition.

The players took turns to make their moves during the chess competition.  

A group photo of the participants of the chess competition.

(Left & Right) The players getting ready to attack their opponents together.

Players readying themselves to shoot the ball during the futsal event.

The player in the blue vest was attempting a shot towards the goal.

The player on the left was serving the ball to her opponent during the squash event.

These competitors are seen in action during the table tennis event.

A player is seen jumping up to spike the ball during the volleyball event.

A group photo of all the winners during the prize giving ceremony in DK G Hall.