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Community Sociology Advisory Group Training Camp 2019

Date: 18 to 21 February 2019

Time: 6.30am to 11.00pm

Venue: TAR UC Johor Branch Campus

The Penang Branch Campus Community Sociology Advisory Group hosted the CSAG Camp 2019 for all five branch campuses at the Johor Branch Campus. The camp’s aim was to get all the Community Sociology committee members to get to know one another and to share techniques and experiences. They can also learn how other branch committees lead Community Sociology.

The camp was organized by ten committees from Penang Branch Campus and four committees from each branch. Both the advisors of the Penang Branch Campus, Ms. Lim Lay Sim and Ms. Lim Poh Keng were there to ensure that the camp ran smoothly. The organizers of the 4-day-3-night camp planned lots of activities for new committee members to learn and improve themselves. Each activity was planned to provide meaningful experiences for the participants.

All the participants enjoyed the camp. They learnt how to lead and plan an activity and much more. During the closing ceremony, the VIP, Mr. Tan Seng Seng gave a speech to encourage them to do their best in Community Sociology. Although the committees were from different branches and had different ways of leading their Community Sociology back in their own campus, the camp brought them together as one big family where they could feel the warmth and happiness together.

Opening Ceremony Performance

Closing Ceremony Group Photo