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LDDS's Dance Competition "The Crown"

Date: 24 November 2019

Venue: Campus Auditorium

The Penang Branch’s Literature, Dance and Drama Society recently organised an immensely successful Dance Competition featuring hugely popular Youtube stars 3P as the judges and the Rejuvenate Dance Crew. Every year, LDDS organises a dance competition as a means to raise funds for charitable organisations. This year, the society managed to raise RM7,777 for Peace and Harmony Home, a non-profit nursing home in Jelutong. The event was covered by Sin Chew Daily.

The night was explosive, powered by energetic dance music mixed by DJ Laze and punctured with the continuous screams of support from the audience. Four teams competed, namely Area 7-11, Salvation Dance Crew, Knighthood and also 7 Up Dance Crew from TAR UC Kampar. There were also guest performances by Han Chiang University College Dance Troop, The Unknown and Ludwic and Obin, a rap duo. When 3P and Rejuvenate took to the stage, it brought the house down!

This year’s dance competition is called ‘The Crown’, named after the winner of last year’s competition. Therefore, next year, the competition will be called ‘Salvation’ after this year’s winner.

[From top left], Vanessa Koay Wei Li, the winner of the Individual Dance category is seen with LDDS President, Owen Lim, [top right] the Salvation Dance Crew in action (winner of the group category) and [bottom right],from left, LDDS Vice President Ooi Chun Shen, Representative of Peace and Harmony Home, Penang Branch Campus Head Dr Toh Guat Guan, LDDS Advisor Colleen Lean, LDDS President Owen Lim Zi Yao and LDDS Vice-President Tan Zhi Rui.

3P and the Rejuvenate Crew together with the LDDS main committee