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Overflow CF Camp

Date: 7 to 10 October 2019

Venue: EL Sanctuary, Malacca

The Christian Fellowship Society of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Penang Branch Campus) co-organised the TAR UC’s Christian Fellowship Society Camp held at the El Sanctuary in Malacca.

The camp’s objective was to bring ourselves closer to God. We also learned to work as a team and to foster better understanding and friendship among students from different campuses.

A total of 119 students from the main campus and branch campuses (including 26 students from Penang Branch Campus) participated in the camp.

The journey from Penang to Malacca took about 8 hours. During that time, we interacted with one another and had a chance to know each other better. The journey back was equally enjoyable. We had various activities at the camp such as morning devotions, praise and worship sessions, campfire and station games. Christian Fellowship of Penang Branch was in charge of the fourth day’s praise and worship session and all ice breaking games during the camp.

We had a wonderful and an enjoyable time together at the camp. We would like to thank the staff of TAR University College for all the support and cooperation to make this event a success.9.

Overflow CF Camp group photo

Jerome and Jeremiah leading one of the ice breaking games in the camp

Penang Branch CF leading the fourth day’s Praise and Worship session

Final night campfire

Mr. Daryl, Camp Overflow Speaker