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Wellness Campaign 2019: Love Yourself, De-Stress Yourself and Be Yourself

The Launch of the Wellness Campaign at TAR UC Penang Branch

Date: 30 October to 8 November 2019

Venue: TAR UC Penang Branch Campus

In collaboration with Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC), Student Counselling Services of TAR UC Penang Branch Campus held Wellness Campaign 2019 from 30 October – 8 November 2019. With the help from Peer Support Society, two main themes which were “Sexual Abuse” and “Stress” were covered in Wellness Campaign 2019.

The wellness campaign aims to foster a positive and healthy campus life experience in TAR UC Penang Branch Campus. It is our honour to collaborate with PWDC to organise the “Stop Sexual Abuse” exhibition to encourage students in campus to love themselves through greater awareness of the prevention of sexual abuse, said TAR UC Penang Branch Campus Head, Associate Professor Dr. Janice Toh Guat Guan in the opening ceremony.

The CEO of Penang Women’s Development Corporation, Ms. Ong Bee Leng, also promoted the annual event of PWDC (“Penang Goes Orange”) in the opening ceremony of Wellness Campaign. “Penang Goes Orange” was started in 2014. The purpose of “Penang Goes Orange” campaign is to raise awareness and stop violence against women and girls.

“Sexual abuse is sexual behaviour or sexual act forced upon a woman, man or child without their consent. Contrary to popular beliefs in Malaysia, most sexual abusers are people close or familiar to the sexual abuse victims compared to a total stranger or new acquaintance. Rape cases also happen more often at home or buildings familiar to the survivors than in isolated places, vehicles and estates. Shockingly, in 2018, at least three sexual abuse cases were reported in Penang every week” said Ms. Ong Bee Leng.

For the “Stress” theme, the organizing committee had set up a “Address your Stress Level” booth to distribute free stress self-assessment test to the campus students. This event aimed to determine the stress levels of the campus students and encourage them to seek help whenever they face difficulties. This activity managed to attract around 300 students to participate. From the data collected, 55% of the participants had a moderate level of stress, 27% had a low level, whereas 18% of the participants experienced a high level of stress. Counselling sessions were provided to those students who had a high score in the self-assessment stress test.

Two de-stressing events, “yoga” and “Away From Stress” station games, had been held for the campus students to release their stress. The highlight of “De-Stress” event was the yoga class conducted by Miss Lim Lay Sim. “Yoga is a useful way to help you release your tension when you are stressed” she said. Approximately 30 students participated in the yoga class. In the future, Ms. Lim would like to hold a Yogathon event to encourage more students to practise yoga.

“Away From Stress” station game was an event aimed to help students to release stress through a series of de-stressing activities. This event also managed to attract around 30 students to join. 

Overall, Wellness Campaign 2019 ended smoothly. Thanks to all the participants and the organising committee who have put in the effort and time to make this campaign a success.

A group photo with PWDC

First batch of yoga class participants in Wellness Campaign 2019

Winners of the station games