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E-Business Innovation: Begin

TAR UC Students on the Road to Start an Online Business

Date: 27 February 2021

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm

Venue: Google Meet

The Marketing and Management Society, TAR UC Penang Branch Campus, held an event titled E-Business Innovation Online Series Talk. It consisted of two talks surrounding the main theme - Online Business.  The first talk, “E-Business Innovation: Begin”, was held on 27 February 2021 (Saturday). The speaker shared valuable knowledge on how to start an online business.

Mr Alen Yeoh Che Wei was the invited speaker of the online series talk. He carried with him 11 years of experience in online business and 8 years of experience as a marketing consultant. He has been the Managing Director of Evo Marketing Sdn Bhd since 2010 and the Managing Director of Big Academy since 2020. He also won many awards and recognitions in previous years.

About 181 participants attended the talk on Google Meet. The event started at 1.05p.m., beginning with the emcee introducing Mr Alen to the audience. The next two hours went on with Mr Alen delivering the talk which covered the following topics:

The information shared by Mr Alen was an eye-opener for the participants. They learned useful knowledge on how to create and promote a business online. He also shared the lessons he learned from the mistakes he made when he first started his online business. All the participants responded actively to Mr Alen during his sharing. During the Q&A session, the participants grabbed the opportunity to ask questions while Mr Alen answered them. He also gave helpful suggestions to students who desired to start their online business.

The event ended with a feedback session. Participants left their feedback on a Google Form prepared by the organising committee. The overall feedback from the participants was positive as they hoped that M&M Society could organise more events like this.

A screenshot of the interactive “E-Business Innovation: Begin” talk.