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Date: 5th March - 6th March

Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Pre-event)

   2:00 pm - 7:15 pm (Day 1)

   1:00 pm - 6:15 pm (Day 2)

Venue: Online (Google Meet & Discord)

In March 2021, the Peer Support Society organised an Online Camp with a meaningful theme “Angel Around The Corner” that aimed to deliver a message of support, care and dedication among TAR UC students. Held on Google Meet and Discord, the online camp broke the stereotype of having to organise face-to-face camps. This camp, including its pre-event, lasted for three days.

The event strived to achieve several objectives as follows:

In the three-day camp, the campers were divided into ten groups. Each group used their intelligence and the tacit understanding among members to pass through the station games, sharing sessions, live illustration sessions, and confession sessions. In order to encourage active participation in the event, mysterious prizes were awarded to the team that won the most games.

Other than the fun activities, an interesting part of the camp was the presence of secret angels. Two campers in each group played the role of secret angels, helping teammates complete secret missions assigned to them.

The first day of the camp, also known as the pre-event, fell on 5th March 2021. The purpose of the pre-event was to help campers in the same team to get to know each other and to cultivate good friendship. The ice-breaking session was carried out in the form of a game. It ended with a group discussion.

The second day was when the main events of the camp began. Five challenging station games were set up for campers, and every member had to try their best to help their group win the competition. The last session of the day, titled “Tree Holes”, provided a platform for campers to pour out their hearts or share their personal experience and happiness. Campers took this opportunity to relieve themselves from stress. Meanwhile, the secret angels in each group joined hands in carrying out missions that brought benefits to their groups.

On the last day of the camp, participants continued with the rest of the station games, and they tried their best to obtain more gold coins to become the winner. After completing all the station games, campers proceeded to a brain-twisting session. Using clues they obtained, campers investigated and guessed who the princes or the princesses of the other groups were. The next activity – live illustration - was the most enjoyable and entertaining one. Before the camp ended, a confession session was conducted. Campers were given the opportunity to express their appreciation towards anyone in the camp by using Google Form. They were allowed to use either their real name or nick name to write the appreciation notes. This activity helped the introverts to make friends.

A screenshot of campers playing Gartic.io, an online drawing and guessing game.

The picture above shows a group logo drawn by a group during the pre-event day.

The picture above shows a group logo created on during the pre-event.

The above picture shows the station game named 'Guess who I am'

Campers were playing the 'Treasure Hunt' game that tested participants' speed.

The camper was performing his angel mission secretly.

Campers played a game called 'Dream Team' that required a strong bond among campers.

During the live illustration session, campers collaborated with each other to promote their corresponding products to all participants and committee members.

The camp ended with an award ceremony. The outstanding campers who received awards had an opportunity to show their appreciation and express their feelings. The Best Team would receive a hamper in the upcoming semester. The event concluded successfully at 7 pm. 

The table above shows the list of awards and their winners.