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Date: 23 JUNE 2022

Time: 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Venue: Zoom

Ms Tracelyn, unit manager of GELA and Mr Hor Juen Kit, group manager of GELA is invited as the speaker for the industrial talk named “Unlock your career code: know what your boss wants”. Ms Tracelyn is an alumni of TARC (DPR) and a director/founder of Hundred % Co. Mr Hor Juen Kit is a director of Plan for U Consultancy and Sales Operation Director in Terra Phoenix (S) Pte Ltd. Both of them are also estate planner and are having 9-10 years of experience in financial planning. This talk’s main objective is to to let students to understand themselves better in order to choose the right career path for themselves. Besides, the talk is also aimed to expose students to the idea of having a good attitude and prepare themselves to fulfill the market’s need and to build good relationship with their potential employers. The talk is open to all FAFB students. 

The session started with the talk from Ms Tracelyn to share her experience in hiring and training fresh graduates, challenges of fresh graduates and the attitude of being a fresh graduates who are looking for a job. It has helped students to understand what to expect when they start their career in future. The talk was conducted by Mr Hor to share about how to choose a career which is suitable to ourselves and its importance. The talk ended with a Q&A session. The students have given a positive feedback on the talk as it does open the mind of students about their future career interest.