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Industrial Visit to Jinko Solar

Date: 6 April 2023

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

Venue: Jinko Solar Malaysia (M1), Penang

On a sunny day in Simpang Ampat, Penang, 51 students and lecturers from TAR UMT Penang Branch gathered at Jinko Solar Plant (M1) for a visit organised by the Electronics Engineering Society. The objective of the visit was to learn about solar cell fabrication and integration into a module, which comprised of two parts; solar cell fabrication and construction of the module.

The visit began with an introduction to Jinko Solar and the solar industry by a Jinko Solar representative. The representative then led the group on a tour of the solar plant, starting with the solar cell fabrication process. The students were fascinated to see the many steps involved in the production of solar cells, including the cleaning of the silicon wafers, the application of anti-reflective coating, and the doping of the wafers to create positive and negative charge carriers.

The students were impressed by the level of automation and precision involved in the production process. They also learned about the importance of quality control and testing to ensure that the solar cells meet the required standards for efficiency and durability.

After the solar cell fabrication process, the group moved on to the construction of the module. The Jinko Solar representative explained the various components of a solar module, including the glass, solar cells, and backsheet. The students were able to observe first-hand the assembly of the components into a complete module.

Throughout the visit, the Jinko Solar representative emphasized the importance of renewable energy and the role that solar energy can play in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. The students were inspired by the potential of solar energy and the opportunities that the industry presents for their future careers.

Overall, the visit to Jinko Solar Plant (M1) was a valuable learning experience for the TAR UMT Penang Branch students and lecturers. They gained a deeper understanding of the solar cell fabrication process and the construction of solar modules. They also learned about the importance of renewable energy and the role that they can play in shaping the future of the industry.

The Electronics Engineering Society expressed their gratitude to Jinko Solar for their hospitality and for providing such an informative tour. They also acknowledged the efforts of the TAR UMT Penang Branch lecturers in organizing the visit and ensuring the smooth running of the event. The visit was a success, and the students left feeling inspired and motivated to pursue careers in renewable energy.

Token of appreciation to Jinko Solar Mr. Gary (6th from the left) and Ms. Moon Ching (5th from the left) by Dr. Teng (4th from the right).

A group photo of all the participants in the industrial visit.