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Penang Goes Orange 2023 - Stop Bullying: Kindness 4 Wellness

Date: 27 November 2023 to 8 December 2023

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: TAR UMT Penang Branch

‘Penang Goes Orange 2023,’ an event organised by the Peer Support Society, TAR UMT Penang Branch, in collaboration with the Penang Women's Development Corporation.

The theme, ‘Let's End Bullying,’ emphasizes TAR UMT Penang Branch’s commitment to root out bullying from amongst the student population. To effectively address this issue, a diverse range of activities to create awareness, foster a culture of kindness, and to empower students to stand up against bullying were meticulously organised. The activities’ objectives were to instill a sense of unity, respect, and safety within our educational community.

Activities included an introduction on what constitutes bullying, trivia quizzes, emoji transfer, treasure hunt, mini statue workshop, a comic drawing workshop, snake board game, and an inspiring talk titled, ‘Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Supportive.’

Dato Ong Bee Leng, Chief Executive Officer of the Penang Women's Development Corporation, graced the opening ceremony and gave a speech in which she underscored the importance of courageously speaking out against bullying and eradicating bullying from within a learning environment. 

The band, ‘In Progress,’ sang several songs that conveyed a bullied victim’s emotional journey from being bullied to having the courage to stand up against the bullies. Lee En Yi and Jocelyn Goh Khye Ying portrayed through dance the impact of cyberbullying.

At the Comic Drawing Workshop students creatively explored visual storytelling and were empowered to convey through the medium of comic art the importance of self-advocacy and resilience in the face of bullying to bravely speak out against bullying. The workshop's purpose was to go beyond traditional methods of conveying anti-bullying messages and to provide students with hands-on experience in articulating bravely through art. Through this process, participants could internalize the empowering notion of using their voices courageously, fostering a sense of self-advocacy that extends beyond the workshop and into their everyday lives.

The theme of the Mini Statue Workshop revolved around the concept of kindness, portraying a powerful message through the creation of painted mini statues that bear scars. The objective was to impart a profound understanding among students: once damage is inflicted, the process of repair and concealment is a lengthy journey. During the workshop, participants engaged in the artistic transformation of mini statues, using paint to symbolize the impact of unkindness and the lasting scars it leaves behind. By visually representing the consequences of actions, students gained a tangible appreciation for the time and effort required to mend the emotional wounds caused by unkind behavior.

The Snake Board Game, centered around the theme of, ‘Be Supportive’, and was designed to impart a crucial lesson to students about the significance of support in various situations. Through engaging situational drills and interactive games, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the importance of being supportive. The unique approach of this board game extends beyond the conventional methods of teaching by incorporating dynamic scenarios that require participants to navigate and respond to challenges. By doing so, students not only learn the value of offering support but also recognised the delicate balance of protecting themselves while extending assistance to others.

A talk titled, ‘Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Supportive,’ was presented by Ms. Perng Soo Chen,  student counselor, TAR UMT Penang Branch. The talk enlightened attendees on, ‘What is Bullying,’ ‘Ways to Stop Bullying,’ and ‘What to do as a Bystander.’ Participants gained valuable knowledge and practical insights on fostering a culture of kindness and support within their community.

The closing ceremony was a heartfelt expression of gratitude, which was formally commenced by Ms. Goh Sin Ee, President of the Organising Committee. During the closing ceremony, the significance of eradicating bullying was reemphasized through a video presentation. And the event concluded with the screening of an event recap video.

Dato Ong Bee Leng giving the opening address

Ms. Perng Soo Chen speaking at the Opening Ceremony

Live band – ‘In Progress’

Photo with esteemed guest, Dato Ong Bee Leng       

Organising Committee

Booth Activity-Emoji Transfer  

Booth Activity-Snake Board Game

Comics Drawing Workshop 

Mini Statue painted by participants

Talk - ‘Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Supportive’ Talk

Closing Ceremony